5 HVAC Maintenance Tips for the Summer

You never have to worry about the high temperatures in summers when you have an air conditioner system installed in your house. An air conditioner was a luxury and has now become a necessity.

Is the AC unit in your household compatible with this year’s heat? Let’s find out.

Fear not when AR Mechanical Inc.’s HVAC services in Moses Lake are here! The experts will tell the exact tips to keep your AC tip top and up to date!

What are some tips to prevent the AC from breaking down in the middle of the season?

Here are some AC maintenance tips from HVAC experts in Moses Lake to help you achieve maximum efficiency!

  • Change The Air Filter Before Using The AC

The first step toward preparing your AC for this summer season is to change the system’s air filter. An air filter is a component that takes the air from the outside and sends it to the evaporator and condenser to transform it into cool air.

The air in residence will be filled with dust particles and germs if the air filter is filled with dust and grimes. It can harm your family member’s health and pollute the healthy environment in your residence.

  • Keep The Outside Unit’s Surroundings Clean and Tidy Every Time

The outside unit is an integral part of all the vital processes. It is essential to keep the outdoor unit safe and secure from obstacles. AC technicians emphasize keeping the outdoor unit on the clear ground without any bushes or trees nearby. The fallen and dried leaves can go inside the unit and hinder the process.

Take some time off once a week and clean the dust and debris from the unit’s top with a damp cloth. Please take out the grass and shrubs growing around the outdoor unit before they cause any inconvenience.

  • Run a Check On The Duct System for Any Sign of Leakage

There could be tiny holes in the ducts that can cause air to leak. Seal them with a tape if you find any such hole. Close the doors and drape the curtains down on the windows while the AC operates to increase efficiency.

  • It’s Time to Upgrade The Thermostat

Are you still using the old thermostat to operate the AC? Well, it is time to upgrade to modern programmable thermostats. New thermostats will help you arrange a schedule for a week for raising and lowering the temperature at the desired time. There are many different features that you can play with and experience the luxury of a kind.

Call the HVAC services in Moses Lake to know more about the programmable thermostat and purchase the best one!

  • Scheduling a Maintenance Service is a Must!

It is budget-friendly advice to call the AC maintenance services in Moses Lake in the springtime for a quick maintenance service. The technicians will evaluate the air conditioning system, tighten up the lost bolts, grease up the components, and change the refrigerant for smooth working.

After following the above tips, we are sure that your household AC will work efficiently and effectively.