7 Tips For Maximising Heat Pump Performance In Winter

Heat pumps are a versatile piece of equipment. They can easily keep you warm and snug throughout a bitter winter season. Unlike furnaces, they do not call for combustion, hence are relatively much safer. They also exhibit high efficiency compared to other kinds of HVAC equipment and call for lower maintenance costs.

However, if you feel like your heat pump has been underperforming lately, it’s not the end of days. There are a few tips that you can make use of to bump up your heat pump’s performance in harsh winter months

  • Don’t Fiddle With The Temperature

Turning up your heat pump’s temperature to its highest setting will not heat your room any faster. It will only end up sky-rocketing your bills without giving you the desired result, especially if your heat pump is equipped with auxiliary/emergency heating. Keep your house well-insulated to ensure efficient heating. A smart thermostat can help heat your house more efficiently.

  • Have Your Air Filter Cleaned or Replaced Periodically

Air filters are a fundamental part of any HVAC. A simple defect such as a dirty/clogged air filter can cause a cascade of failures and possibly a permanent breakdown. They can be the sole reason your room won’t heat up adequately. A monthly cleaning should do the job, but if you live in a particularly polluted area, the filters may need to be cleaned more than once a month.

  • Don’t Use Emergency Heat Regularly

The emergency heat setting in your heat pump is provided for one purpose only, i.e., for emergencies. Having the emergency setting on as a normal setting would exponentially increase your energy bills.

  • Keep Dust And Clutter Away

Heat pumps largely depend on an uninterrupted, constant flow of fresh air. Have your outdoor unit placed in an area with no nearby obstruction, such as trees, shrubs, cloth lines, etc.

  • Have Your Heat Pump Receive Its Maintenance Regularly

If you find your heat pump underperforming despite clean air filters, your first response should be getting a heat pump maintenance service. Regular maintenance keeps your heat pump in its best condition and saves you the trouble of unforeseen anomalies.

  • Keep Your Heat Pump Uncovered

For what ever reason, you may think fir, do not cover your heat pump units with any kind of covering. As mentioned before, heat pumps require an uninterrupted supply of air. Any covering hinders their functionality.

  • Don’t Fret About The Defrost Mode

Defrost mode is a part of your heat pump. However, the equipment uses it in the winter months if your heat pump stays in this mode for a long schedule for service asap.

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