AC Replacement Service in Moses Lake, WA

AC Replacement Service In Moses Lake, Othello, Ephrata, WA and Surrounding Areas

AC replacement Service in Moses Lake, WA

AC Replacement In Moses Lake, Othello, Ephrata, WA and Surrounding AreasElectrical appliances and other systems used in houses require regular maintenance for their efficient functioning. Lack of repairs, replacements in certain equipment and maintenance any system will not last for long. Home appliances especially need regular repairs for them to last longer and work properly.

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Best Air Conditioning Replacement

We may often ignore getting our AC repaired. Due to improper upkeep, our AC may malfunction or even breakdown. In such a crisis, getting your AC repaired may be a costly option. The most adequate solution to this problem is to get an AC replacement.

Air conditioning repairs can be problematic, and continual fix-ups can become expensive! Even with the help of a highly competent HVAC contractor, an air conditioner unit may start to show its age. To keep expenses under control, you may want to establish a repair cost cutoff point – meaning that you will replace your air conditioner if fixing costs more than your set amount.

While replacing your AC may seem like an easy chore, it is a very technical one. Any mistake in the connections can result in a safety hazard. Hence, it’s wise to employ professional labor for this. At A & R Mechanical Heating & Cooling., we guarantee that your AC replacement is completed promptly and at a good price.

About Us

We are a full-service heating and cooling company and ventilation, air conditioning and all kinds of repair services. We excel at installations, sale and design of air conditioners, ductless air conditioning systems, etc. our quality of work will exceed your expectations.

Who are we?

A&R Mechanical is locally owned and proudly attends to the Columbia Basin area. We are a full-service Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning company with over three decades of experience. We have worked on and formulated many various systems, in both residential and commercial settings.

We excel at various HVAC appliances tasks like Installation, Service, Sales, and Design of Central Air Conditioning systems, High-Efficiency Gas Furnaces, Indoor Air Quality Control Systems, Ductless Air Conditioning Systems, Heat Pumps, Refrigeration, and so forth. Our quality of work and client service will surpass your expectations.

A & R Mechanical Heating & Cooling is one of the most trusted AC service providers dealing with Air Conditioning replacement. We strive hard to provide quality services and appropriate solutions for all your issues and questions regarding your AC unit. You can opt for a variety of air conditioning replacement options under our expertise.

Here is the list of exceptional AC services we provide:

Cost of AC replacement

The cost to supplant a central air conditioner is approximately $5,000. However, this rate fluctuates depending on the size of your home and the complication of the project. It can cost as much as $12,500 to replace an air conditioning unit. The labor needed to discard and dispose of the old system adds to the expenses.

Why choose us?

  • Our company works with the latest models and keeps the services updated along with the growing technology, you can book appointments for the latest system, and we will have a solution for it.
  • We also provide a ductless air conditioning service and follow the latest trends to provide maintenance services for all your appliances.
  • You can check out the reviews given by our customers before opting for our company.
  • We have 30 years of experience in heating and cooling services.
  • Our technicians are well experienced by working will all kinds of systems throughout the years.
  • Our technicians are experienced in working with machines of different models, including both old and new.
  • Affordable pricing: We provide outstanding quality AC services at a customer-friendly price. You can reach us via our website, email, or call, talk to our experts, and get a free estimate without any nuisance.
  • High-quality service: Our professionally qualified crew renders a vast range of top-notch AC replacement options from which you can choose the most reasonable one for your home.
  • Emergency services: An emergency can happen at any time, and thus, we are here at your service round the clock. You can give us a call anytime you feel the need for our assistance and we will be at your doorstep in no time.

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Our services

At A & R Mechanical Heating and cooling, we offer service and repair for all models’ repairing systems and replacing parts. If you’re looking for AC replacement in Moses Lake, WA our company provides repair services for different equipment. Our Services include:

Our company provides AC repairs services which include heating replacements, installation, equipment replacements. Our company proves the most efficient repair services before giving honest advice and feedback on its working system.

You can book an appointment through the contact details given on the website. You can schedule an appointment according to your desired time and date, and the team will reach you to render their services.

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