Charges Priced For Different Types Of AC Leaks

Leaking air conditioners are among the most prevalent problems we encounter. There are a variety of causes for your air conditioner to leak, as well as a variety of factors that influence the cost of repairs. To begin, if you discover an AC leak, switch the system off entirely to prevent further damage before you call for AC repair in Moses Lake to fix your air conditioner. Doing so might help you save some additional power and money. Yet another thing that will help you save money is knowing more about AC leaks and how much it costs to fix the issue.

Understanding Ac Refrigerant Leak

The chemical refrigerant, often known as Freon, is essential for chilling heated air and assisting your HVAC system in directing cold air into your home. You may suffer a leak if the referent was not filled during setup or if there is a leak within the container that stores it.

Refrigerant leaks are way more hazardous than water leaks. These chemicals can cause an allergic reaction in the residents of the house. It is hard to differentiate between a water or refrigerant leak. Therefore, always call for help immediately if you notice a leak.

Other types of leaks and How Much You’d Have To Pay For It

While you can easily get quotes from a company by Googling “air conditioning repair near me,” we will look at the many elements that might cause an AC leak, as well as the costs charged to fix them.

  • Blocked Drain Pipe

Hot air is cooled as it travels over through the evaporator coil before entering your house. Water evaporates during this cycle and drops down the condensation water pipe and into the exterior drain pan. Water can corroborate and spill into your house if the condensate drain line gets blocked, resulting in a nasty leak.

The cost of flushing or repairing the line might range from $75 to $250. If the evaporator coil has to be replaced, expect to pay between $400 and $950.

The drain pan catches the wastewater from the piping system. It might get rusty or break down with time, causing water to escape. It will cost between $350 and $850 to replace this pan.

  • Wrecked Pump

If your air conditioner is located downstairs, you almost certainly have a condensate pump that pumps the water outdoors. Water will spill everywhere if this pump is broken or fails, leaving you with a defective pump. You should expect to pay between $240 and $450 to replace this pump through reliable AC repair in Moses Lake.

Fixing a leak in your AC can be costly. However, A & R Mechanical Heating and Cooling can help you save money on expensive leak repairs. Get the best technicians at affordable prices with us. If you’re facing a leak in your AC unit or any other technical issue, call us at (509) 761-3042.