Common Problems That A Furnace Incurs

All furnaces face issues while working in the winter season. As the owner, you should not panic when you sense something wrong with your furnace. Instead of contacting your technician for heating repair in Moses Lake, you should analyze the problem yourself and try to fix it to save money. Here are some common problems with a furnace:

  1.  Air filters get dirty real quick. Clogged air filters make the system work for more hours, increasing your energy bills and breathing problems with your family members. Clean and replace the air filters regularly, according to the system.
  2. The furnaces crossed 15 working years and face too much wear and tear. No repair job can bring back their efficiency levels. Instead of spending money on repairing your old furnace, you should save it and buy a new and efficient system.
  3. A thermostat can be the hidden culprit of the lesser efficiency of your furnace. Many times, your thermostat is at the wrong setting, due to which your furnace does not reach the required temperature. Check your thermostat regularly for dead batteries and malfunctions, or contact a technician that provides heat pump installation service in Moses Lake to install a smart thermostat.
  4. If your furnace is not switching on, check its power plug. It may happen that the plug fell off the socket due to activities near the furnace, cutting the electricity supply. Check the breaker for tripping as well.
  5. A working furnace that does not produce enough heat to warm the house is useless. Various factors are responsible for a furnace that does not generate enough heat, like a malfunctioning thermostat, leakages in the walls and ducts, and clogged air filters. If you cannot find the real reason yourself, you should contact your technician for professional assistance.
  6. A working furnace that does not generate any heat is even more troublesome than a working furnace that generates insufficient heat. Check the pilot light and ignition of your furnace to fix the problem. If these two are working efficiently, there may be some technical issues with the system.
  7. Short cycling damages the furnace in various ways, which are irreparable. One of the common reasons for short cycling is clogged vents, so check your vent network for cloggings like bacterial growth and toys in them.
  8. If your furnace runs continuously, it may be due to a malfunctioning heat exchanger or limit switch. You should not ignore this problem and contact your technician for a heating repair schedule in Moses Lake.
  9. A faulty heat exchanger usually means that your furnace may not work efficiently from now on. The best and only way to tackle a malfunctioning heat exchanger is to buy a new system to avoid problems like carbon monoxide leakage.
  10. Irregular maintenance schedules lead to excessive wear and tear in the system, quicker breakdown, and furnace replacement. Ensure to contact your technician regularly for maintenance schedules.

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