Estimated Price of Annual AC Maintenance

Many air conditioner owners call their technicians for the annual AC maintenance in Moses Lake. They maintain their air conditioning systems annually to save money from the frequent expenditures that may occur in their units. Maintaining your air conditioner annually ensures that your system does not face any major damage due to no usage in the past few months.

The annual maintenance cost may vary from $75 to $360. It depends on how many components in your system need repairing, servicing, or replacement. The overall average annual maintenance cost is $125 for an air conditioner owner. The average maintenance schedule includes a tune-up of the whole system and cleaning of all components.

Cost For Different Components

If your air conditioner is new and well-serviced, you may incur fewer charges. But if your system is too old to be maintained or serviced, you may have to buy a new air conditioner and contact an air conditioning installation in Moses Lake to replace the old unit.

The maintenance cost depends on how much work your technician has to do on your system. You should know how much you may have to spend before calling your HVAC technician. Here is an estimated cost that you may incur for contacting your technician for AC maintenance in Moses Lake:

  • Coils

The two important coils in your air conditioner are the evaporator coils and the condenser coils. The evaporator coil cools the heat present in the indoor air, and the condenser coil transfers energy from inside to outside the home. They can malfunction if they are dirty or are clogged. The average cleaning price is $45-$350.

  • Filters

Filters are responsible for removing the dirt and microparticles from the condensed air. If they are clogged or filled with dirt, they will not work properly, and residents of the house may face breathing problems. As per the need of your system and home, your technician may have to clean or replace them. The average cleaning or replacing price is $75-$195.

  • Thermostats

Thermostats regulate the temperature of the system and the house. Any malfunctioning in the thermostat will imbalance the temperature of the whole house. There can be technical issues with the thermostat, or it may break. The average replacement price is $150-$480.

  • Drain Lines

Drain lines remove water from the system. If they get clogged by dirt or debris from the evaporator coils, water will stay inside the system, and rust can grow on the components. The average cleaning cost is $75-$200.

  • Freon’s

Freon’s are the coolant present in your air conditioner. If there are any leakages in the Freon coil, house residents may feel dizzy or have breathing problems. Your technician will have to fix the leakages and recharge the levels to fix the problem. The average recharge cost is $200 to $500.

The annual maintenance cost of your air conditioner can cost you a fortune. Let A & R Mechanical help you in saving money on your annual maintenance charges. Get reliable technicians for air conditioning installation in Moses Lake by calling us at (509) 761-3042.