How Can You Tell If Your Furnace’s Flame Sensor Is Malfunctioning?

If you came here, then there is one question that intrigues you ”How can I know why my furnace’s flame sensor is malfunctioning?” If the cycle is unusually short or the sensor is malfunctioning, a few symptoms are indicating your furnace’s flame sensor isn’t operating perfectly. But let us go a little further. And if your flame sensor is not working, then look for furnace maintenance near me.

What is the Function of The Flame Sensor?

As the name suggests, it senses the flame. If the sensor detects no fire, the gas valve will close to prevent any unnecessary gas leakage. Another effect of a malfunctioning flame sensor on your furnace is that it may fail to detect a searing fire and close down the furnace even if it is operating normally.

How Can You Detect if a Flame Sensor is Defective?

Many symptoms can tell you that the flame sensor is malfunctioning, and some of them are:

  • The flame sensor has cracked porcelain.
  • On the flame sensor, there is corrosion or soot.
  • After a few seconds of operation, the furnace turns off. And even when you turn it on again, it keeps turning off.

Ideally, the first two signals will alert you to the problem, and you won’t need to proceed to the third. Or, to put it another way, you’ll keep your furnace and flame sensor in good enough shape that they don’t even go through these first two warning indications.

However, if the sensor has deteriorated to the point where it shuts down your furnace in seconds, you must take action. Immediately search for a heating replacement in Moses lake.

What Are The Issues That Cause The Flame Sensor to Malfunction?

Soot accumulation is the most typical issue with flame sensors. After all, they are frequently subjected to smoke and fire, as well as other residues.

Other common concerns with flame sensors include rust and corrosion, both caused by periodic cleaning and maintenance. Because the flame sensor is the front section of a low-power electrical circuit, it is susceptible to the same difficulties that other electric circuits face when they become corroded. If the problem is not addressed, cracks in the porcelain will appear quickly, followed by immediate shutdowns.

Locating And Cleaning The Flame Sensor

Because every furnace is different, you should study the instructions for yours. You’ll have to detach and dismantle the furnace’s cover the majority of the time. The flame sensor would be made out of metal and it will typically have porcelain surrounding its end to keep it from coming into contact with the metal of the furnace.

Now coming to the cleaning of the flame sensor, you can do it yourself by shutting down the gas off and cleaning using a cloth. But as it is furnace and gas is involved, it would be better if you take help of professionals. So look for furnace maintenance near me.

If you’ve recently noticed any of the symptoms listed above, you should contact A&R Mechanical for furnace maintenance at affordable prices and quality services. You can call us at (509)-761-3042.