Signs You Need A Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps are versatile pieces of equipment built to last for long durations and withstand moderate to extreme weather conditions. However, like any other machine, they risk breaking down. Regular maintenance ensures that your heat pump remains in its prime condition and alerts you about a faulty part, leak, or malfunctioning. Despite such maintenance, sometimes your heat pumps do not keep up their performance and might pose unforeseen problems.

To help you identify problems that require professional care, we have brought together frequent identifiers of a heat pump in need of a repair

  • Coils Are Frozen

Sometimes during severe winter months, the coulis in your heat pump may freeze due to ice build-up. Issues like dirty filters or leaks in the refrigerant tubes usually give rise to this issue. Schedule a heat pump repair with the best heating service in Moses lake to have your heat pump up and running in no time.

  • Higher Energy Bills

If you see a sudden and sustained rise in your energy bills and there’s no significant or known cause behind the rise, it may be possible that your heat pump is consuming more energy than it should. If you suspect this is the case, call for the best heat pump repair near me and have them look at your heat pumps for possible repairs/replacements.

  • Unknown Loud Noises

Heat pumps also make a certain characteristic sound when running like any other machine. However, if you notice an irregular/strange noise that’s constant when the heat pump is running, it is a tell-tale sign that your heat pump needs repair. The sound might be because of something minutes like twigs, leaves, or any other debris getting stuck in the fan/blower, or it might be because of something severe such as a broken part or leaks. Therefore, you should never overlook such signs and immediately contact a heat pump service provider.

  • Short Heating Or Cooling Cycles

Your heat pumps do not keep working for the entire period; you keep them switched on. Their thermostats tell them when the air temperature has reached the desired point, or the coils have reached their safety limit, after which they turn off automatically. Such cycles are normal, but if you notice a heating or cooling cycle happening too often/ irregularly, do not stray away from calling for a heat pump repair.

  • No Hot Or Cold Air Blowing

If you do not find any hot or cold air blowing out of your heat pump during one of these cycles, schedule a trusted heat pump repair near me.

  • The Heat Pump Is Too Old

Heat pumps can have a long shelf life given they are serviced and maintained properly and timely. However, they are bound to exhibit decreased performance and consume more energy despite such care. This is a sign that your heat pump may be getting older, and you may need to consider a suitable replacement.

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