What Are The 4 Phases Of HVAC Planned Maintenance?

Maintaining your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC system is as important as maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Most of us are unaware of its importance, which leads to the HVAC system’s short lifespan and long-term damage. Proper and regular HVAC maintenance will reduce bills, improve indoor air quality, make fewer repairs, and create a healthier and longer HVAC life.

HVAC maintenance is a preventative measure that should be taken to avoid most problems by proper inspection, fixing, cleaning, and sometimes replacing the system’s parts, resulting in the improved functioning of your heating and cooling system.

HVAC maintenance is divided into four phases, instantly restoring your system to its original condition.

1. 4 phases of planned maintenance in HVAC

For thorough HVAC system maintenance, you’ll need a team of experts from A&R Mechanical, an HVAC service provider in Moses Lake, who will assist you in resolving all of your HVAC issues. So, let’s have a look at the 4 phases of planned maintenance in HVAC

Routine Check-Up

A routine check-up by A&R Mechanical, HVAC service Moses lake, comprises an on-site visit by an HVAC technician, who inspect your system to see if it’s working properly. Once a year, a routine check-up should be performed to ensure that the system functions properly during the summer and winter. Routine inspections are vital because they ensure that the components are properly cleaned and inspected and that no unnecessary repairs are required.

Pre-start inspection

Pre-start inspection saves your time and money. A pre-start inspection is conducted to confirm that all system components are correctly placed and working. This can be done before installation or as part of routine maintenance. Pre-start inspection is essential since it enhances and simplifies the HVAC system’s overall performance.

Operational reviews

Systematic and potential operational risks, suggestions, and recommendations for enhancing the overall HVAC system are all identified during the operational assessment. It all starts with a thorough inspection and examination of the HVAC system. A&R Mechanical’s HVAC professionals thoroughly examine the data during the process to determine the effectiveness of the HVAC system. Operational evaluation saves money, improves comfort, and lowers the chance of component failure. 


Many HVAC issues require a simple solution, which we often overlook and panic over. Common HVAC issues can happen at any time. By troubleshooting any issues that arise, you may avoid these frequent problems and keep your HVAC system working perfectly. However, if the cause is unknown or the solution is difficult, it’s best to consult a professional to avoid further damage.

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