What If Your Furnace Doesn’t Have A Flame Sensor?

If you are here then, you might be here asking the question that ”What if your furnace doesn’t have a flame sensor?” Is it required for a furnace to include a flame sensor? Or will it work fine without one? What other possibilities can be worked out if you don’t have a flame sensor for your furnace? So, here in this blog, we will be diving deeper into these questions and let you know the solution. But before that, if your furnace is not working properly, search for the heating repair near me.

Purpose of The Flame Sensor

So, first of all, let us try to know the purpose of the flame sensor; why is it used and needed? The flame sensor is a straightforward device found on the burner unit. It’s essentially a thin, generally bent metal rod that sits in front of the furnace’s flame stream.

The flame sensor’s role is to certify to the system that the gas valve is open and that there is a fire present. There would be a dangerous buildup of unburned gas if the unit continued to generate gas when there was nothing to fire it with.

The flame sensor has a very narrow timeframe to detect the flame when your furnace starts up, and the burners are ignited. As the furnace starts and gas flow starts, if it cannot detect any fire, it turns off the furnace to avoid any accident. So if your furnace is not working properly, then look for heating service in Moses lake.

Why is The Flame Sensor Required?

As we already know now, if there is no flame sensor, it may lead to a disastrous accident due to our mistake. For example, you turned on the furnace, but by mistake, you did not ignite the burners, the gas will get accumulated, and when exposed, it can cause disastrous events.

If the flame sensor is there and you forget to turn on the burners, it will automatically turn off the furnace if it does not detect any flames.

What to do if The Flame Sensor is Not There?

You can look for a furnace with a flame sensor; if not, then look for a heating service in Moses lake that can help you with the issue. Ask them to attach a flame sensor to your furnace to not buy a new one.

If you once had a flame sensor and now it has malfunctioned, or it is not working at all, then you can get it completely replaced with a new one. So look for HVAC services in Moses Lake.

If you know what you’re doing, you can buy a replacement flame sensor and install it yourself, but if you don’t, it’s best to hire a professional.

So, if you’ve recently noticed any of the symptoms listed above, you should contact A&R Mechanical for heating service in Moses lake at affordable prices and quality services. You can call us at (509)-761-3042.