What Kind Of Maintenance Does An Air Conditioner Unit Need?

Air conditioner maintenance forms a part of owning the unit. They are complicated and require multiple mechanical and electrical components to be maintained, resulting in efficient working and increasing the lifespan.

Homeowners must look out for AC maintenance in Moses Lake on a routine basis, saving heating and cooling repair costs for the components of the HVAC systems. It is also a preventive measure to protect the unit from future breakdown.

What are The Different Kinds of HVAC Maintenance?

Maintenance of the unit indicates that every part of it gets checked annually or at regular intervals. It can be broadly classified into two kinds: Preventive maintenance and Corrective maintenance. The services offered by HVAC professionals can also vary as per the season; hot and cold.

Maintenance is the best way to make sure that your unit is in optimal condition. There are different kinds of services as part of maintenance. Some of them are :

  • Inspect and replace filters

Filters are one of the defining factors for the quality of air that the unit produces inside the residence. With time, dirt and dust accumulate over it. The clogged filters obstruct the airflow and pollute the in-house air quality.

If you have pets or elderly members, filters need to be replaced every two months. Homeowners can also inspect the filters on their own to get them replaced.

  • Breakdowns or failure of parts of the unit

Air conditioners work hard to keep the inside temperature cool, especially when it’s scorching outside, so do not hesitate to get the air conditioning installation in Moses Lake today. They are like any other machine which depreciates when it is run for a longer time. Proper maintenance can be a key to ensure that the lifespan and efficiency are unkempt.

Homeowners often fail to maintain their air conditioners and often let them break down. When the parts are overheated or used extensively, they can fail to function, resulting in costly replacement, as the parts of the unit are expensive.

  • Check and clean ducts

Ducts perform an important function as they circulate the air from the unit throughout the house. Weather is the main factor that makes ducts dirty. So, if your ducts are not clean, you are breathing in contaminated air.

As per the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, 80% of homeowners face daily exposure to dust mites. Ducts get dirty with pollen, spores, bacteria, and more. A professional duct cleaning service is all you need to reduce the amount of dust in the air.

  • Evaporator cleaning

The coils of the evaporator get dirty as dust gets mounted on their surface. It can reduce the efficiency of the system and can force the unit to consume more energy to produce cool air. Homeowners can cool the coils by themselves. Though, it is always advisable to reach out to AC maintenance in Moses Lake for extensive cleaning.

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